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A man who admitted to stealing several pieces of electronic items from the University of Technology (UTech) was remanded in the Corporate Are Resident Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

He is Tyrone Campbell who has been charged with simple larceny. Campbell is to return to court on December 16 for sentencing.

Allegations are that Campbell was caught on camera removing more than $100,000 worth of items from UTech.

Campbell’s mother collapsed in court when she heard her son admitting to the offence and begging the judge for leniency.


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The accused gave Senior Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey a lengthy speech about how sorry he was for stealing items. “I want to change my life, I am deeply sorry because I use to work with ministry and I use to have a sound system and dem tief it. My dream is to become an architect and I have been sending out several applications and nothing is happening for me,” the accused told the court.

RM Pusey said that Campbell gave a very impressive speech, however she said that it wasn’t the first time that he was stealing and that he should put his talents to better use.



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