Pentateuch Movement Releases “Crime” Music Video

Pentateuch Movement

Pentateuch Movement’s single ‘Crime’ speaks about the injustices faced by youths and the less fortunate people worldwide; the hardships and tribulations that are commonly seen but neglected.

“This concept for the video and single came as a result of the crime situation happening in Jamaica now from the murders to the money laundering and hustling going on, all these are results of the unemployment and illiteracy rate in Jamaica. The song is also a stance against the British government building another prison in our country an we still need to get word on that as a nation.” – Pentateuch Movement

The video was filmed in the streets of downtown Kingston and in the Shelter Rock Community in Greendale, Spanish Town, shot by El Puru aka HIMAGES along with Emmy Lou Mai, and edited by Ruption of RD Studios.

‘Crime’ single is now available across all digital music platforms for streaming and purchase. Pentateuch will continue to prepare for the release of the sophomore album ‘Chapter XVIII’ which is set to be released in March of 2017.


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